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E11everage, Incorporated has the strategy to help you become energy efficient!

About Us

The built environment has a massive impact on the natural environment in terms of resource use, greenhouse gas emissions, storm water runoff, waste, and ecosystem degradation. E11everage, Inc. strives to influence "green" building to help mitigate these impacts. We would like to partner with organizations dedicated to green initiatives and energy/resource conservation.

What we do is incorporate sustainable and environmentally appropriate design, repairs, and improvements to residential property and small-scale commercial property. We also advocate for funding to make affordable housing more energy efficient and healthy for the families that live there.


We at E11everage, Inc. identify "best practices" of sustainable renovations and retrofits, educating policy makers and affordable housing stakeholders about the benefits of sustainable development and use industry experience to guide staff to produce incentives that create leverage for change in the affordable housing industry. Our goal is to make your residential renovation and help your company/building achieve LEED certification. We also negotiate leases for renovated and retrofitted commercial property and participate in coalitions and partnerships with affordable housing developers to increase energy efficiency to existing, affordable multifamily housing.

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Our Commitment

The "green" market is booming as a result of steadily increasing environmental consciousness, tougher laws and regulations mandating sustainable practicesThere is no “one size fits all” green product strategy. Being green is not enough. Consumers expect companies to have green products  that are superior or at least on par with conventional products. Companies need to align green attributes to their business category. Companies’ green initiatives do influence consumer purchasing behavior – but only when communicated through the right channels. E11everage, Inc. will demonstrate how this can be achieved!


"E11everage changed my entire lifestyle! We can breathe easy at home and at work." -- Chelsealya Payne, Atlanta

"This is another great "green" resource!" -- Beverly, Jonesboro

PO Box 1702, Mableton, GA | 404-507-6106

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